Category: Skin allergy types

  • Acne under chin

    Acne under chin

    So you have acne under your chin, huh? You must be feeling pretty embarrassed and confused. But don’t worry, there’s a lot of ways to deal with it and even hide it. So what causes acne under the chin? Well, some say it’s because of eating too much pizza, while others say it’s from not…

  • Hidradenitis suppurativa armpit

    Hidradenitis suppurativa armpit

    Purulent Hydradenitis, also known as hidradenitis suppurativa, is a chronic skin condition that affects the sweat glands in the armpit area. The condition is characterized by the formation of abscesses and scars in the affected area, and it can cause significant pain and discomfort. The exact cause of purulent hydradenitis is not entirely understood, but…

  • Impetigo on lips

    Impetigo on lips

    Well well well, it looks like we’ve got ourselves a case of the ole lip-impetigo. Don’t worry, we’ll get through this together!First things first, let’s talk about what exactly impetigo on the lips is. It’s a skin infection caused by bacteria, typically either streptococcus or staphylococcus. It’s characterized by sores or blisters that can be…

  • Gluten allergy rash

    Gluten allergy rash

    Are you ready for a wild ride through the exciting world of gluten allergy rash? Buckle up, because things are about to get bumpy (but also very, very smooth). First things first, let’s talk about what exactly a gluten allergy rash is. It’s a type of rash that can occur in people who have an…

  • Itchy skin all over

    Itchy skin all over

    Ah, itchy skin, the bane of existence for so many of us. It’s like your body is constantly sending you a text message that says, “Hey, I’m still here, and I’m really not happy about it.” But don’t worry, we’re here to help you scratch that itch, both literally and figuratively. First, let’s talk about…

  • Uneven skin texture

    Uneven skin texture

    Oh boy, uneven skin texture. The bane of many people’s existence. But don’t worry, I’m here to help you navigate the wild world of skin care and figure out how to deal with this pesky problem. First things first, let’s talk about the symptoms of uneven skin texture. You may notice dry patches, roughness, or…