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  • Pigmentation disorder

    Pigmentation disorder

    Have you ever heard of Spotted Skin Syndrome? No, it’s not a new breed of Dalmatian. It’s actually a rare pigmentation disorder that causes irregular spots or patches on the skin. Symptoms of Spotted Skin Syndrome include: – Uneven skin tone with blotchy or patchy areas– Dark or light spots on the skin that may…

  • Staph infection on leg

    Staph infection on leg

    Ladies and gentlemen, gather ’round for a lesson on the hilarious and wacky world of staph infections on the leg. Cause: Did you know that staph infections on the leg are caused by a group of bacteria that just can’t resist hanging out on your skin? They’re like that one friend who always shows up…

  • Types of dandruff

    Types of dandruff

    Ah, dandruff. The white elephant in the room (or rather, on your shoulders). Let’s face it, nobody wants to have dandruff. It’s itchy, embarrassing, and just plain annoying. But what is it, exactly? Well, dandruff is a skin condition that affects the scalp. It’s caused by a variety of things, like dry skin, sensitivity to…