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  • Folliculitis after waxing

    Folliculitis after waxing

    Well, well, well, look who decided to get a little too friendly with the hot wax! Yes, my dear, I’m talking about folliculitis, the not-so-fun condition that tends to pop up after a waxing session. It’s like your skin is throwing a party and all these little red, swollen, and itchy bumps decide to show…

  • Skin discoloration on face

    Skin discoloration on face

    Meet Sue. Sue was a bubbly, outgoing person who loved nothing more than a good dance party and a glass of wine. But lately, she had been feeling self-conscious about the patches of discoloration on her face. They seemed to appear out of nowhere, and no matter how many face masks she tried or how…

  • Types of dandruff

    Types of dandruff

    Ah, dandruff. The white elephant in the room (or rather, on your shoulders). Let’s face it, nobody wants to have dandruff. It’s itchy, embarrassing, and just plain annoying. But what is it, exactly? Well, dandruff is a skin condition that affects the scalp. It’s caused by a variety of things, like dry skin, sensitivity to…